In Germany many providers have been offering grey market funds for participation in container ships, film production, real estate or renewable energy projects.

The funds have been sold to wealthy Germans and to retail investors. Many of these funds lack performance due to bad structures, extreme distribution fees or the lack of diversification. Many of them are even insolvent. Billions of investor’s money have been waisted, investors are increasingly frustrated with their investments.

The regulator has reacted with the help of the European AIFMD guideline and requires a licence as a regulated asset manager from such initiators – plus more sophistication in distribution.

Together with a BaFin-registered fund manager we have developed a service platform for real assets – Luxembourg domiciled or in Germany. Every initiator or investor that is looking for co-investors can make use of it at reasonable costs.

With this solution the fund manager and 4asset-management target

  • Family Offices
  • Former grey market fund initiators
  • Local authorities that look for co-investors for energy projects

Finding investors for projects gets easier, more transparent and fully tax transparent!

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