Asset management is a scalable business that can work very well when it is managed carefully and when market conditions allow growth. Asset managers often want to scale their business by expanding into new markets or by targeting new groups. One important option for growing your asset management business is the takeover of an existing operation. This can be the case if you would like to expand in a neighbouring country. We also have seen takeovers that went across continents and tied two organisations from different areas of the world.

With more than 21,000 funds, managed by more than 3,100 fund companies with an average of 4 bn. EUR Assets under Management (AuM) between then, the European market requires a consolidation. The challenging year 2011 saw outflows of more than 260 bn. EUR assets under management.

In the White Paper we describe how you can manage the strategic and financial challenges that lay ahead when you consider a takeover of a one or more companies.

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