Germany is one of the richest countries in the world where investors hold over 6 bn. EUR of assets. Investors hold about 9 mn. fund accounts and less than 4 mn. brokerage accounts. The majority of assets is invested in either reals estate, insurance policies and cash equivalents.

The market structure differs from the US- and the UK-market: Fund distribution channels are dominated by banks and online banks which reqires a solid B2B-approach. IFAs only account for 40-50 bn. EUR AuM. The majority of the institutional fund assets is invested by investors like insurance groups and large pension entities, foundations and family offices.

Additionally a growing number of self-directed investors drive the largest demand for ETFs in the European market.


It is also a competitive market place for asset managers and related industries. About 400 asset managers and much more service providers are active in Germany.

Smart strategies required

A market entry or a relaunch of your activities in Germany provide many chances with the right strategy. It is not sufficient to hire a sales person, make contacts and wait for assets.

My market entry consulting contains:

  • Exact target group identification
  • Marketing strategy setup
  • Sales resource development, find sales agents or own staff
  • Online activity consulting and online marketing strategies
  • PR strategy setup and development of content
  • German language content and thorough translation
  • First contacts to multipliers and potential investors
  • Support for ongoing activities

I have been working with asset management boutiques, index providers, ETF-providers software providers and vendors to define the market and enter it. Many have grown to a significant size today.