To stay at the forefront of developments in the industry, I have started to develop own projects.

EEETF – a unique ETF search portal

Although there are enough ETF databases out there, an intuitive search engine for ETFs including search criteria like costs and liquidity was missing. We have built it first for the participants in my ETF-trainings.

Over the course if one year we now have a stable user base of 1500 to 6000 unique users per month!

Try it out and you will realise what it is about.

EEETF Model portfolios

Simple ETF portfolios with a broad coverage can replace mixed funds. And in fact, according to Morningstar data, our model portfolios perform better then ANY mixed fund in Europe.

We are marketing them through EEETF. Soon you’ll be able to buy them!

The future of economic growth will be in Asia – there is little doubt. The easiest way to participate is with investment funds – active AND passive. AsiaFundManagers is a portal to present investment ideas on Asia to experienced investors.

The project is in an early phase and will launch in German language first.